Hanoi Weather

Hanoi Weather

The Hanoi weather is great in three of the four seasons that occur here, Autumn, Spring and Winter. During the summer months however it can be unbearably hot, sticky, wet and humid....you definitely need your aircon blasting away in your hostel at this time.

Hanoi has a mild and tropical climate with a dry season from November to April, the wet season is from May to late September/early October, make sure you bring a light rain jacket or buy one of the cheap NorthFake jackets in any number of shops in the old quarter..

August and September can be two of the wettest months here in Hanoi and trips to Halong Bay have been known to be cancelled due to typhoons or very high winds. Hanoi escapes the typhoons due to it being inland but the tail end of storms have been known to rip out trees (due to badly planted trees rather than the strength of wind) but this passes pretty quick and drys out soon enough.

If you are riding a motorbike in this season, be extra careful and do not, I repeat, do not, ride in heavy rain, it's just not worth it.

We suggest the best time to come to Hanoi is mid September/October/November or from March to April/early May (still can be cool - as it is this week as I am writing this post in May).

Temperatures during these months range from 18°C to 30°C and can be pretty dry throughout, maybe a splash of rain but nothing major.

From November to March it is chilly for the average backpacker, especially if you have just come from a Thai beach after a month lazing away! We would suggest bringing or buying some long sleeves and a pair of trousers for the evenings as it can get as low as 6° (which doesn't sound very cold but added to the high humidity, it feels colder). The number of times I am sat in the old quarter and see backpackers walking around freezing in their skimpy vests and shorts...obviously never checked up on the weather forecast!

There is less rain but it can get quite cold in the evening so bring a warm jacket if visiting during this time. Most homes in Hanoi do not have heating so be sure that there are extra blankets on hand for a comfortable sleep.

Hanoi is a great City and whatever the Hanoi weather, local Vietnamese just get on with life here, so if you can't come at the best time of the year, do not worry about it, you will still have a blast here in the capital. There are raincoats after all...