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OK, so after seeing a Russian family getting ripped off for a tiny pineapple yesterday, Vietnam Backpacker Tips decided to compile a basic list of items that backpackers would normally like to buy while on their travels. 

Here is a price list for Hanoi's Old Quarter, some prices are different outside this area, but this gives you a general idea.

Dorm beds $3 - $7 per person
Private room $7 - $20 per room

The following items are in VND.

Large bottle of water 10k 
Small bottle of water 5k 
1 x Small pineapple 10k
1 x Orange 10k
Melon 15k - 20k per kilo
Banh Mi (Baguette) 2 eggs 15k
Bun Cha (meat & rice vermicelli noodles) 25k - 30k
Com Binh Dan (Vietnamese buffet) $20k - $50k (depending how many meats)
Doughnut 2k each
Pho 25k - 35k
Banh Da Cua (shrimp paste soup) 25k - 35k

Beers in the streets, not the bars, as they can charge anything up to 50k a bottle :(
Bia Hoi 5k - 7k
Hanoi Beer (bottle) 12k - 15k
Bia Hanoi (bottle) 15k - 20k
Larue & Tiger 15k - 20k
Heineken 20k - 25k
Saigon Beer 20k

Sim card 70k - 100k
Phone credit 20k - 200k

If anyone else has other prices then please feel free to add them. Hope this helps new backpackers and current travellers in Hanoi at the moment.


Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking in Vietnam is very cheap and suits a backpacker’s budget very well.

You can live in Vietnam on as little as $10 per day, but you’d probably be more comfortable with $15-$20, especially when travelling between destinations.

For a $10 day, here’s an example:

·         Breakfast – You could eat like a westerner for breakfast and not smash the budget. A baguette with everything in it can be 20k – 25k VND here in Hanoi. Otherwise a noodle soup is around 25k-30k VND.

·         Lunch – Let’s say you eat Bun Cha (meat & noodles), which is quite filling, for only 25k – 30k.

·         Dinner – you could splash out and spend a wapping 40k if you felt like it. (Bun Bo Nam Bo)

·         Sleeping – a typical dorm will cost you around $4-$5 a night.

Total cost – 200k – 210k VND

Of course, this hasn’t factored in a few beers, but Bia Hoi is 5k VND per glass. If you were really on a tight budget, you could still have two glasses and stay on course for your $10 per day.

There are times when you do need a bit of normality, so a western dish you may crave, if you have been travelling a while, could be a burger, 115k or an Indian curry for 95k and it still doesn't kill the cash flow.

Till the next time backpackers…

Vietnam Backpacker Tips

Vietnam Backpacker Tips | Vietnam Backpacker Tips 

Ok, so you're fully packed and ready to go. If you want to be a true backpacker, you need to concentrate on how you get around and to new places. Do you fly, nope, do you take the super fast train, take the cheapest you possibly can.

I started backpacking from Manchester in the United Kingdom in 2010 and started the way I meant to go on. I had booked my flight, not from Manchester, but from Heathrow. Sounds crazy right, but you pay a hell of a lot more for those flights getting to the major hubs. I paid £8 to get from Manchester to London on a National Express bus, now it may take you longer, but you want to travel for longer right?

Also, when you think you have a flight that is early morning, don't stay in a hotel nearby, why not get to the airport later in the evening the day before and sleep or wait in the airport? It will save you that few quid you can use for accommodation when you arrive at your first destination. Now, its not the most comfy of places to sit and wait, but think about the extra few days accommodation! :-)

This is the same principle when you are travelling between places. If you can find a bus service which operates sleeper buses/trains, then take it, its your nights accommodation saved again while you travel. 

If you are a student these principles will seem normal. If you have been working a lot and earned quite a bit of cash for your trip and want to take flights, hotels, taxis etc as you think, ah, its only a few more dollars, I'm not sleeping in a bus/train station or airport, then I'm afraid you aren't a backpacker, simple as that! ;-)

Come back soon, or please send an email for any tips you may have at


Vietnam Backpacker Tips

So, you have decided to leave home and set off on an adventure. Great decision, one you will never regret as long as you will live. Travelling is one of the best things you can do in your life and to make sure it is, you will need to check what you are taking. Now this is'nt limited to 

Many backpackers pack way too much in their backpacks. Sat here in Hanoi I see many, many people with HUGE backpacks, thinking, what the hell have they got in there?

Backpackers these days are quite good, but there are many that make the common mistake of packing 6 dresses, 4 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of socks, a hat, big shoes, LOTS of shoes, or simply far too many t-shirts. You do really need to limit what you take in your bag as it will be beneficial to you in the long run, enabling you to travel longer. 

For instance, you are a only a few minutes away from missing your train/bus/flight, you need to leg it, you have 30kg on your back, you are not catching it, unless you're SAS trained that is! If you do reach that flight you're after, then pound to a penny you'll be charged for extra luggage, so costing you money too.

You fancy taking that swish iPad or laptop with you don't you? Well, think about it before you do. Remember, backpackers are vulnerable to theft in hostels or on trains, buses etc, so think carefully. If you have some kind of security for your bags then maybe you have a better chance of keeping it on a long trip. Many hostels have safes, or lockers where you can keep your valuables when you go on day trips or sleep at night.

Ok, for now, thats just a couple of helpful tips, I hope! :-) Anyone who has any tips at any point in a journey while backpacking, please contact us now and we will add it to the site.

Cheers for now

Vietnam Backpacker Tips



    My name is Simon and I was travelling throughout South East Asia, China, India, Australia and New Zealand for around 2.5 years. These are the tips I found helped a great deal and wanted to share with you.

Vietnam Backpacker Tips | Vietnam Backpacker Tips | Backpacker Tips | Backpacker Tips Vietnam Backpacker Tips | Vietnam Backpacker Tips | Backpacker Tips | Backpacker Tips